My name is Marta Puig I am a chartered landscape architect and a garden designer creating special and unique gardens.



Diseño de jardines

My goal is to design gardens for you to enjoy. Magical places that will grow with you throughout the years.

Everyone must have a place like this.

A place that talks about us, that can give us a glimpse of who we are. Somewhere we can always return to.

My Biography

10 Facts that might interest you

1. I am an Agricultural Engineer and Landscape architect by the University of Sheffield (Master of Arts in Landscape Design)


2. I have worked many years in UK, and I was fortunate working on many and very cool projects such as the London 2012 Olympic Parklands.


3. My English surprises many, especially for my good accent. It is excellent.


4.  In the UK I always worked on public or developers projects, where end users were usually the general public. I lived in Oxford and traveled to London for long periods.


5. I’m a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute. And I received a commendation from the LI for my MA dissertation done under the supervision and mentor Prof. James Hitchmough.


6. On my return to Spain I worked in an internationally recognized but small garden design studio. And I was responsible (under the direction and supervision of Fernando Caruncho) of the project & control of works of the Pereda Gardens in Santander for the Botín Foundation in collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

7. I’ve also worked on private garden projects (mostly international but also in Spain). Which were actually very different from the projects I did in the UK. But I must say they have given me a tremendous experience and clarity in how to read the landscape, how to design it, and a great knowledge of the beautiful philosophy behind the world of gardens. Which is immensely richer than I imagined and has an enormous capacity to delight the senses.


8. I have mainly worked in multidisciplinary teams, where the landscape was the primary element and all succumbed to its integration within the overall context. Landscape design is definitely underrated. The projects,whatever their nature, must be integrated into the surrounding landscape, they must flow and avoid any distortion with «the bigger picture».


9. My big dream is to bring gardens and landscape to the people, hence the importance of my blog that I started in October 2014 which I titled «The Landwoman». It is aimed to talk about landscape, gardens and design. It is a window to the world of landscape and gardens, their poetry, their “masters” and it’s history. And certainly also about the world around us; What is landscape otherwise?


10. I love what I do. I love knowing that with my work and effort anyone can have the best scenery of their life just at their doorstep.

Get in touch!

I’m always willing to speak about you, your garden, and why not? a beautiful project


  • Gardens & landscapes have suffered greatly in recent decades by becoming a project bonus, graceless and meaningless landscapes, in developments, houses, squares and parks, where «landscaping or gardening» has become the most widespread definition of design.


  • Just to be clear, I don’t do gardening, I design landscapes and gardens.


  • And with garden & landscape design I mean creating places where time stops. Unique and special places.
  • A landscape or garden where seasons are present, and that you can enjoy alike, providing the weather joins you.


  • Without barriers between your house and garden. The only way to do it yours is by becoming a whole unity and a part of the landscape beyond.


  • Above all, a garden has to be made for you and your own needs. Beautiful & functional.



  • My ideal garden, my private garden, would be a place to read, somewhere to sit and close my eyes and doze, while feeling the peace and quietness of just being; feeling the fresh air and breathing a lightly and fragrant perfume;


  • There is a nice pergola with beautiful flowers of wisteria, a rumor of water, an orchard & allotment; I’ll pick fruits, and the lemons for my cakes & cut flowers for my guests (as I would have many visiting);


  • I think in heated discussions on summer nights (I’m spanish), breakfasts and teas in early spring, birdsongs; and I would be able to enjoy the smell of jasmine during garden dinners with old friends;


  • A simple, friendly, and above all very beautiful place. Nice and beautiful places have the quality to give you tranquility and happiness; making you feel at ease. In my ideal garden time would not exist.


  • I would have an elegant & welcoming entrance where you would be able to breathe peace at your entry, and it would be beautiful at the same time.
  • It will intermingle with the landscape, making this one part of my own garden.


  • The views will make hills come closer to the garden.


  • My garden would have a gathering place near the house where I would be able to have a wine with my girlfriends on Friday evenings. And give the kids tea during the weekend; always surrounded by potted plants and flowers.


  • Beyond there there would be a meadow and a swimming pool, where children will play and run and I’ll be able to sunbath in summer days.


  • And a little further, all would bind with the landscape. In perfect harmony.


  • My garden after all, would be an extension of me, a place to let my imagination fly and share the best moments of my life.