Keeping lavender in good shape

Lavenders are so Mediterranean that if you don’t have a lavender on your back garden (living in the south), or in a pot, you are a true exception. Their fragrance can be amazing and they tend to be very tough, is easy to see them on nearly every road side. They grow, they flower, they need […]

Where are you going to garden?

Where can I garden? No doubt the first question is WHERE? If you are willing to grow anything start thinking your options. Many of us don’t have even a tiny little piece of outdoor space, but maybe you are a lucky one. If you are not, some lateral thinking is certainly necessary.

Veranda living! Mediterranean Climbers

Grapevine & Wisteria. The perfect pair! There is no better place to be in a spring afternoon than in a porch looking south. Sun warms you up and the light extends through the day to frame a garden (a landscape or a field) in continuous movement, in full growth.   Undoubtedly the Mediterranean climate encourages […]

Camellia Sasanqua: A Gift designed for the Balcony!

Perfect for pots. Perfect in dappled shade. And, a perfect flower. I can’t say anything against this plant that could actually be an alternative to our home & small Christmas trees (the ones that always end-up in the bin). It is truly an elegant shrub. And a beautiful present!   It’s exceptional as it flowers during […]

The Musical Garden: C. Th. Sørensen

We accept the idea of beauty and recognize our extraordinary need for it. We are not satisfied to create things that fulfill their function. They must also be beautiful, sometimes only beautiful. Gardens of the most diversified kinds are often created with only this view, to be beautiful. But nevertheless the idea of gardening as an […]


Blog written by Marta Puig  I started this Blog in October 2014. And I call it The Landwoman. The reason is I somehow felt identify with a publication called The Landswoman (with «s»). This publications idea was to promote and help thousands of women (and raise awareness upon men) on the importance of assuming men […]

I’ve got a dream!

A few months back I realized I had spent much of my time behind a computer and what I really wanted was to spent more time out, creating my garden. Growing my plants. I want to be the gardener of my garden.

Eden & Paradise were Mediterranean

The exuberance of the garden, the perfect picture that sits in our minds is usually not real at all. It is certainly much simpler.   The beauty exists in the equilibrium. In the correct balance and proportions. This is the essence of the Mediterranean gardens.  

Garden’s Architecture: The House of Pilatos

Today’s entry is not only to praise the wonders of this beautiful garden; this post is actually to make us think of the garden and the places we really want to live in. It is a window to your garden, your backyard, your park… It’s a thought to share and a reflection to be discussed.  It is […]