Balconies – Small & Tight

Is totally true a balcony is the wannabe of all outdoor spaces, slightly bigger we’ve got a terrace, fab! But the truth is that we have what we’ve got, and believe me, there is much more behind a simple balcony.   Love to start gardening your balcony?   A balcony is show-window, a frame, a […]

Rabindranath Tagore: The Gardener

I’ve recovered this poem lately, and every time I read it a find it delightful.   I think the beginning is so beautiful and as many other poems of the old days it just shows how the garden & gardening was something so delicate and sensual. Pleasure and game just arises from every word.

5 tips to design your own garden!

In this post, I’m putting together a set of criteria to follow when you start to design your garden. After many years this is probably the critical point, the blank page, and where to start is always the challenge… House&Garden as a whole! First note that the unit «house & garden» is not based on a […]

Give yourself a treat, give yourself a garden!!!

Come on let’s face it the only thing between you and a garden (apart from actually having an outdoor space) is that you need to accept that you are responsible of it. Is like a child, you are responsible and you do need to take care of it.

What do you expect from your garden?

For me a garden must respond to multiple uses, emotions and sensations. Gardens are an extension of the architecture, a space at service of the house, and a place for conversation & study (and play).