(Madrid, 1981) Agricultural Engineer (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Master in Landscape Architecture (university of Sheffield, 2007, United Kingdom) and Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (2010). Marta has worked in the United Kingdom for LDA DESIGN, forming part of the design team that created the Parks of the London Olympics 2012, she returned to Spain to work for Fernando Caruncho & Asoc. on the project of the Jardines de Pereda in Santander -public project financed by the Botín Foundation and under the direction of the architect Renzo Piano-.

In 2014 she started working as a freelancer and gradually created her own studio. She has worked on projects in numerous countries collaborating with architects, engineers and developers, always seeking excellence in landscape.


What we are after is a sense of poetry in the landscape, a magnificent lift which will enrich the lives of the people who are moving about in the landscape that we’re doing for them. Anything less than that is cheating them, and it is cheating ourselves.

Lawrence Halprin



Motivated by the idea that landscape design seeks the perfection of the natural versus the built and encourages the intimate interaction between architecture and the audacity and dynamism of vegetation, we design spaces so that its users enjoy nature to their fullest. Forging a close relationship over time.

The studio seeks to create bespoke, beautiful, functional spaces that are integrated into their environment. Understanding the needs of this and our clients, as well as their desires, to unite design, quality, sustainability and efficiency of resources is a priority to create gardens, parks and outdoor spaces that remain in time and in where one wants to be.

Through dialogue and the study of space, we propose for suitable, respectful and beautiful solutions which relate architecture and landscape.

The long-term relationship of trust that is built with our clients is fundamental, since each project is a challenge of design and art. We design projects for private and public, commercial and residential clients. Our work is carried out through an enriching and dynamic collaboration with architecture and engineering studios.