For what purpose are today’s parks and gardens designed? I’m talking about the ode to the concrete esplanade, of the tortured trees, the hopscotch of manholes, of the meters of gravel with an apparently decorative use, of grass meadows that only those who cut it weekly step on, speckled bushes…

We design gardens, parks and outdoor spaces for it’s users to fully enjoy nature. Understanding the needs of these and our clients, as well as their desires, allows us to unite design, quality, sustainability and resource efficiency to create customized gardens: beautiful, functional and integrated into their environment. Our work is carried out through an enriching and dynamic collaboration with architecture and engineering studios.

What we are after is a sense of poetry in the landscape, a magnificent lift which will enrich the lives of the people who are moving about in the landscape that we’re doing for them. Anything less than that is cheating them, and it is cheating ourselves.
Lawrence Halprin

Motivated by the idea that landscape design seeks the perfection of the natural versus the built and encourages the intimate interaction between architecture and the audacity and dynamism of vegetation, we design spaces so that its users enjoy nature to their fullest. Forging a close relationship over time.

- Landscape to enjoy nature

The studio seeks to create bespoke, beautiful, functional spaces that are integrated into their environment. Understanding the needs of this and our clients, as well as their desires, to unite design, quality, sustainability and efficiency of resources is a priority to create gardens, parks and outdoor spaces that remain in time and in where one wants to be.

- Nature based designed

Through dialogue and the study of space, we propose for suitable, respectful and beautiful solutions which relate architecture and landscape.

About me

Marta Puig de la Bellacasa

Nowadays, landscape is no longer just the ornament of green spaces, but one of the fundamental elements to improve the social fabric we live in. It provides bespoke solutions to the Climate Emergency and improves the habitability of our cities and territories, at very different scales (courtyard, garden or park). It is now a social demand that has been growing as a result of  the public awareness on climate change but also because of the constant hustle and bustle of our lives that takes us away from the mundane and wonderful thing that walking in a garden can be. We value green spaces much more because we are aware of the positive effect it has on us, both in the short and long term. And... the scope for improvement is overwhelming.

I am an agricultural engineer but before I actually finished writing my final engineering project I had already decided to study landscape architecture in the UK. I could have studied garden design and gone into that little niche -in Spain-, but what I really wanted was to create green and social fabric.


I studied landscape architecture because I believed, and still believe, that outdoor spaces help to create a better society and a healthier life for all, regardless of our economic and/or social background.


I work with the illusion of improving the spaces we all inhabit, including the flora and fauna. Because to improve their habitat, is to improve our own.


In the studio we seek resilience to climate change through the balance that involves knowing and understanding the limiting resources we have (water and soil), biodiversity (flora and fauna), long-term sustainability, the use and function of space, and how through management we perpetuate, with our small actions, nature.


Small or large. If you allow lizards to appear in your garden one day, by then it will be inhabited by birds, insects and reptiles in an almost perfect balance.


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