Breaking boundaries between
nature and architecture

What do we do?

We work on all scales and typologies. From small-scale interventions to large-scale developments and in different categories: residential, private, cultural, hospitality and public space.

The projects consist of a Concept/Scheme design that is initially born from the site context and the architecture where we look for the identity and distinction of the project according a previous creative process. From here, we develop and detail the project (construction and planting drawings, measurements, desing statement, etc.; generally this is secuenced in two stages Detailed Proposals and Production of Information  & Bills of Quantities).

Finally, we overview the works via site meetings during the whole execution , making sure that it is built as we designed it, so that the initial and distinctive idea of the project is not lost throughout the work and its possible economic cutbacks, prioritising the elements of the design that makes it unique.

Subsequently, a scheduled follow-up is carried out over the following years to refine management, design and adjust the planting as the garden grows and evolves.

We work in collaboration with urban planning experts and studios on urban and rural planning projects ranging from small urban centres (pocket parks, boulevards, etc.) to large areas of territory (green infrastructure, regeneration). This includes strategies and/or studies of landscape impact and integration, as well as proactive landscape and environmental measures and/or management of these spaces in the mid and long term.

As specialists we have collaborated directly with other national and international landscape architecture studios as part of their multidisciplinary teams.

However, we have also become an integral part of advisory teams for clients, developers or project managers, providing guidance, reviewing projects and supporting landscape solutions for high profile projects.

Team work

We work together with architecture, engineering and urban planning studios to integrate the landscape from our experience and specialisation.

Value engineering

Our experience allows us to challenge creativity and costs and, thanks to the hours spent on site and constant study, we are able to generate design solutions linked to your construction reality, adapting to an infinite number of situations.

Nature-based Solutions

We seek to integrate into nature, be sustainable, harvest water, improve the soil, take advantage of and reuse materials and have a net positive climate impact.


We are very used to working with specialists (engineers, urban planners, suppliers, gardeners, masons and a long etcetera) and communication and engagement is essential; it is the only way to create projects that are built to work in the long term.

Studios that share our deep connection with the environment, using nature to craft memorable and visually appealing experiences

  • Satt Arquitectos
  • Luis Vidal + Arquitectos
  • Leclercq Associés
  • T10 Arquitectos,
  • EDDEA Arquitectos
  • Gabriel Verd Arquitecto
  • Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra Arquitecto
  • Mariano Molina Iniesta Arquitecto.
  • EDP Urbanismo
  • Serra Zulategui
  • Gerber Architekten
  • AEDAS Homes
  • And all those private clients and promoters that we don’t have time to name.