Agaves & Orange trees for a roof top | Osuna

In the center of Osuna, a noble house is renovated with a minimalist style. We were called to do a project that would be realistic with the climatic conditions of Osuna (very hot in summer) and that would involve little maintenance. The project was well advanced but we made modifications to include the garden lighting and other garden elements, such as pots, planter design and trellises.

The roof was designed with large marble planters that were made of the same material as the floor. We planted agaves, scillas and succulents that would fall down the sides of the planters. As a counterpoint, modern terracotta pots of natural color were placed for the orange trees.

From the main entrance to the house you can see an interior patio. On the left there is a huge Areca palm. And beyond, in the main courtyard, the high white walls are upholstered with climbing plants on an elegant structure of steel cables. The green of the climbing plants acts as a counterpoint to the great original stone wall of the old patio. The lighting of the wall and the climbers is done with a very fine recessed linear light, and the wall is light up with beautiful circles that at night resemble the moon.


Osuna | Sevilla






2021-In progress


Estudio Morales


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