Home to the oaks and a garden | La Moraleja, Madrid

What I like most about this garden is the creation of different places and atmospheres. Upon entering we are is a green room, with a tall laurel hedge, which leads you either towards the house main door or into the opennings within the hedge that leads to other garden rooms. Next to the so called ‘english’ patio, a japanese maple winks at you to cross the hedge and follow the path to the garden and the view towards the oak ‘little’ forest. In the few clearings that exist, magnolias and dogwood trees are planted, all surrounded by a mass of mastic and some perennials of semi-wooded areas characterized by rodgersia, thalictrum, polystichum, hosta and cimifuga among others. A matrix of sesleria and stachys officinalis goberns the rest. In the clearing of the pool is located the lawn and a more lively planting from spring to summer. In this case, a delicate, more naturalistic mixture of flowers is planted where salvias, echinaceas, rose, nepeta, sedum and stachys are mixed.



La Moraleja | Madrid


2.500 m2




July 2020


Mariano Molina Iniesta


Marta Puig de la Bellacasa