Small, tight and charming – Seville

Small, tight and charming. This constant evolving patio moves around the four stations in a blink.

In spring it has a corridor that is partly filled with poppies and nigellas, while the aloes, agapanthus and dietes find their place. The wisteria by then has already lost its purple flower, but the star jasmine is in full bloom. The vine grows by the natural lime mortar wall, the brick pool with a dark bottom welcomes shoemakers. Aspidistras, crassulas, ferns (they put a wig on the steel dragon-newt), and even in its most summery corner, we sat under the canopy of a sweet orange tree and far in the corner, now without sun, the plant with one of the most beautiful Latin names there are: Monstera deliciosa (or better known as Adam’s Rib).

From another work I brought Agaves attenuata (swan neck agave) and senecios (a grayish blue) that contrast in color with everything else. A rose bush, in the least suitable place for him, looks beautiful full of multi-petal pink flowers, it gives that romantic touch to the study wall. The green contrasts with the honey-colored gravel, not the most comfortable to walk on, but fresh as the best stone.

The blackbirds come to hunt blueberries, they are cautious, because they know that they are not theirs. Thyme, celery, parsley always take a place. Two beautiful Elkhorn ferns, mounted by me, hang like pictures in the most sheltered corner away from the sun. The all red / burgundy / ferrari in the sun color pergola and metal works, contrasts with the greens and earth colors of the honey-colored gravel and brick.








Autumn 2020 evolving


T10 Team | Metal work design: Marta Puig de la Bellacasa


Marta Puig de la Bellacasa