Is totally true a balcony is the wannabe of all outdoor spaces, slightly bigger we’ve got a terrace, fab! But the truth is that we have what we’ve got, and believe me, there is much more behind a simple balcony.


Love to start gardening your balcony?


A balcony is show-window, a frame, a quick look to what is beyond and a source of light and air. You can make it yours and integrate it into your home by adding color, textures and smell… and gradually it will mix up with the street sound. You can extend your living room with just a tiny effort.

If what you have is a petit balcony and you do not know what to do with it, focus, think about yourself, your lifestyle … a greener balcony is a very small investment and is not just a showcase for the one looking up,  but it should be all for you while you are at home. Let’s set the scene, just a common spring evening, windows open… the  smell, the color, the textures, everything is mixed with the sounds of the street, all framed with the freshness of your plants and pots. While knowing that the air is coming in.

Now, you have to choose with your head, and spent at least the same time you would use to find your new cool shoes perfect fit or the perfect runners. Do the same for your balcony, you won’t regret it. Take your time & give it a good thought, there are many ideas for you out there.

This is the intro of a series of posts called to create an «ode to the balcony». I will share pictures and drawings of these spaces, sometimes so undervalued. Gardening your balcony will make an incredible statement!

Feature image: Copyright @ Nina Leen

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