Give yourself a treat, give yourself a garden!!!

Come on let’s face it the only thing between you and a garden (apart from actually having an outdoor space) is that you need to accept that you are responsible of it. Is like a child, you are responsible and you do need to take care of it.

No holidays away unless you make sure someone is taking care of it, or you’ve arrange for it to survive in the «best» possible conditions. They need year round care and maintenance (no maintenance in a garden does not exist, don’t trust anyone that says the contrary). Plants overgrow, they try to find their ways around….


BUT, few things can give you so much pleasure, so much gatherings and good times, so many discussions, conversations, parties, surprises, laughs and happiness… A garden sits within your memories as not many things do in life…. they change with seasons, they need love and care, the expect trust as it’s beauty blooms when nature expects (not you).


A well designed garden, or landscape, is the difference between having something you love or you don’t!


And when you love things, is easy, nice and rewarding to take care of them. Give yourself a garden!


Get inspired! Enjoy your garden!


 Do you love your garden/terrace/balcony? I love to hear your love&hate stories…. so please share them with me!



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