A few months back I realized I had spent much of my time behind a computer and what I really wanted was to spent more time out, creating my garden. Growing my plants.

I want to be the gardener of my garden.

I’m content with what I’ve got. My garden starts in my patio, hard, windy, and dry under the comfortable winter sun, but egg fried under the summer Seville’s sun. It’s not bad though. Now, budget is tight, very tight as it is always when dreams start.


Furthermore I’m renting too, which means that nearly all the money spent will be for the next tenant or it will have to be dismantle (bit crazy) or perishable.


I don’t lose faith though, because it is incredibly rewarding to see your own plants grow and flower, to see bulbs coming out, new spring shoots showing , and there is nothing as happy  as seeing the kids jumping around new blooms. Can’t’ imagine how it will be when they seed and harvest their own flowers later this year.


Mine is obviously a container garden. Soon I’ll have with me 3 big wooden boxes to start my cut flower allotment. Something I’m really looking forward to.


The beauty of having a garden is that you can do a lot of stuff with very little & time. Anyone can garden; window sills, balconies, terraces, front gardens and more. Anywhere. You are in control of transforming your own world under your own rules. An through creativity, somehow, the unexpected will thrive¹.


Think that a budget garden can actually become your best garden, as it won’t be a garden you can buy, but it will be one you can create².


Is really more a question of acting than knowing. Get into action, enjoy the process, look for your own ways of doing it, because if what you want is to have a greener place, with growing flowers and harvest your own veggies, any place is good. I will tell you about my progress and I hope you will write me back on yours.


1. Alys Fowler. Garden Anywhere. 2008. Ed. Chronicle Books
2. Maureen Gilmer. The Small Budget Gardener. 2009. Ed.Cool Springs Press

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Iwrite to bring people back to the garden, back to the landscape and to broaden our knowledge on what it is and what it means. Culturally landscape has always being around, that past is not that far behind.


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