The exuberance of the garden, the perfect picture that sits in our minds is usually not real at all. It is certainly much simpler.


The beauty exists in the equilibrium. In the correct balance and proportions. This is the essence of the Mediterranean gardens.


The image described in the the Bible or the Odyssey, which describes in detail the Persian, Greeks and Italians gardens, are Mediterranean gardens. They are the everyday image of surprise, work, scent and sight. The lights and shadows with the correct proportions, is what really sits in our imagination.


It is true that if the garden is large it can be more spectacular as long as the proportions are correct and is integrated into the landscape through its views and perspectives. But nevertheless, big or small, it is always the family garden, the one that is around you close to your house,the one that matters. It is the everyday garden.


Small or big,  structure is always the same:





This is not Versailles, or the gardens of Babylon, this is your garden, small or large. And if you search within you, your garden is not only a carpet of grass and a few trees. It is a garden that will host you and your house, your kitchen, your living room, allowing you nap, grow flowers, read, relax, chat and enjoy your surroundings. Because when you feel comfortable, you are able to enjoy.


The Mediterranean garden is as diverse as the Mediterranean food, and ourselves. We are many and very different, but we accept our differences and shared them. In the past we trade, as distances were short, but are climates different. We create are products from our land, very different, but we could not live without trade, and so communications disperse around the Mediterranean.


Snow, scorching sun, relentlessly rain, and fire. We have an extreme but changing climate, oozing life, beauty and challenge. We have the light. Light and shadow, and a beautiful and changing sky. Our landscape has been shaped by man for millennia. And above all, it still has that great partnership between humans and environment, and whose ecology and biodiversity is still one of the richest on Earth.


We have always feel love for the simple things, the good food, the good drink. Simple things that come out of the earth, and incredibly these all remains perfectly framed within the garden. Is the Mediterranean culture that flourishes in us.


It is always difficult to fight against nature… and here you have all you need.


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