Keeping lavender in good shape

Lavenders are so Mediterranean that if you don’t have a lavender on your back garden (living in the south), or in a pot, you are a true exception. Their fragrance can be amazing and they tend to be very tough, is easy to see them on nearly every road side. They grow, they flower, they need […]

¡Tengo un sueño!

Crear un jardín tu mismo no tiene porque ser un trabajo desesperante. Pasito a pasito y con ilusión puedes tener el jardín de tus sueños.

Garden’s Architecture: The House of Pilatos

Today’s entry is not only to praise the wonders of this beautiful garden; this post is actually to make us think of the garden and the places we really want to live in. It is a window to your garden, your backyard, your park… It’s a thought to share and a reflection to be discussed.  It is […]

El Cantar de los Cantares

Huerto cerrado eres, hermana mía, esposa mía;  Fuente cerrada, fuente sellada.  Tus renuevos son paraíso de granados, con frutos suaves, De flores de alheña y nardos; Nardo y azafrán, caña aromática y canela, Con todos los árboles de incienso; Mirra y áloes, con todas las principales especias aromáticas.  Fuente de huertos, Pozo de aguas vivas, Que corren del Líbano.  El Cantar […]

Rabindranath Tagore: The Gardener

I’ve recovered this poem lately, and every time I read it a find it delightful.   I think the beginning is so beautiful and as many other poems of the old days it just shows how the garden & gardening was something so delicate and sensual. Pleasure and game just arises from every word.

5 tips to design your own garden!

In this post, I’m putting together a set of criteria to follow when you start to design your garden. After many years this is probably the critical point, the blank page, and where to start is always the challenge… House&Garden as a whole! First note that the unit «house & garden» is not based on a […]