Where are you going to garden?

Where can I garden? No doubt the first question is WHERE?

If you are willing to grow anything start thinking your options. Many of us don’t have even a tiny little piece of outdoor space, but maybe you are a lucky one. If you are not, some lateral thinking is certainly necessary.

There are all kind of places to garden. But I’m sorry to say that if you live in a north facing apartment with no window ledges, you’ll have to  borrow space elsewhere. Nature has limits. In case you have big windows and plenty of light, you can garden indoors, or you’ll have to look for something else (allotments, shared plots, friends garden…)

Alys Fowler. Garden Anywhere

But the truth is there are options, and many. Starting from community gardens, community rooftops (most of them tragically abandoned in the cities), porches, tiny front gardens, balconies, windowsills. They all can be put to grow stuff, from veggies, to pretty flowers.


The best way to start, and to enjoy gardening when we have no clue, is to grow in containers. Conditions are controlled, and while you remember to give them light and water your plants are really bound to succeed.


Easy, even just a few cans seeded with herbs, or flowers in your balcony, will create a statement; or a bunch of bulbs planted in a pot will show off as soon as they bloom -and that is a BIG statement-. Just contain the soil! no matter what you use. From then on you can start slowly with bigger projects.


I’m sure you’ll soon find that gardening drags you in quickly. If you care a little and then see things growing you’ll become truly proud of yourself. And one pot will soon become two, three…, and plants will end up all over your place.


Let’s go to the basics, a few things need to be asses before you start.


  • First of all asses how much light you’ve got. There is no way you are going to grow shade loving plants in full sun, or the other way around. And do please not get stuck with this. Just move on, and look for something else. There is plenty out there. Knowing your light conditions, and the good sunny and warm spots of your patio, is certainly half the battle won


  • Second, if you are gardening outdoors, search for shelter spots. For example balconies tend to be very windy, as they are obviously very exposed. You’ll need to find tough plants for them. Or again do some lateral thinking, planting some wind screen plants and the most tender where there is more protection. Anyway, always a good tip is to search for plants that already live in the same conditions, for example seaside plants.


  • Third, is just a question of knowing how containers work. Obviously plants need to get fed and you need a good potting soil. Bear in mind that the substrate in a container is more exposed than proper soil in a garden. All the edges of the container are exposed to wind, sun and cold, evaporation is higher. So, it’s obvious they need more checking as they need to be watered more often. It’s a fact. You’ll need a watering can, a hose, a bottle or a jug. Roots, precious roots live in there, and they should not boil nor drought, but be happy and healthy. The first death cause for container plants is over watering. You can use anything that can actually contain substrate, but do never forget to put drainage holes in the base. And never, means never.

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