I’m here to help you create your garden. I design gardens or collaborate with studios to take their projects forward in Spain.


1. I do garden design and landscape architecture projects for private clients. Basically there is two options: Design Intensive or the Full Shebang Project.

Design Intensive is mainly for projects where there are not many hard landscape details. You’ll get a masterplan, a planting plan and a list of plants. But the control of works is not necessarily included.

Full Shebang Projects are the best. Includes all: scheme design, sketches, masterplan, revisions, plans -all phases-, details, and even a scale model if you wish. And of course control of works. It’s a landscape architecture project as it should be, complete from start to finish.


2. I also work as freelance chartered landscape architect for international studios that implement projects in Spain and need someone on the ground. I’m based in Seville and Madrid, but I can move anywhere in Spain. I can do weekly control of works meetings, or supervision for a number of days on site, and I can collaborate in all stages of the project from design to implementation. I am a fully chartered landscape architect (Landscape Institute) with experience here in Spain and in the UK.


3. Want to know more about me… A good way of doing it is to squint into my blog. Although not originally writing in english, check it out (let your browser translate it for you). Sunday in the Garden.


4. Next step is to Get in Touch. Write me at [email protected]



Please take note

  • I’m not here to sell you a garden.
  • I’m here to create a project that exceeds your expectations. 
  • But for that to occur is important that you are with me along the process and you must be enthusiast about it.